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About SAR Apartment

SAR Apartment Capital LLC is a multifamily investment firm based in Florida, USA. They have over $180,000,000 of assets that are currently managed. The company is focused on major metropolitan statistical areas which demonstrate low vacancy,consistent rent growth as well as a growing Real GDP.

The firm elevates properties through operational efficiencies, moderate-to-extensive renovations and complete rebranding.

Meet the Team

We are Real Estate Advisors

Sam Jazayri CEO / Co-Founder / Operations & Acquisitions
In 1979 Sam began his career in Civil Engineering and worked as an Engineer until 1982 in England. After returning to the United States,
Abiel Ballesteros Vice President / Co-Founder / Operations & Acquisitions
Abiel, started his real estate career in 2005 as a property appraisal, while simultaneously investing in the residential single-family home sector.
Rene Sanchez President / Co-Founder / Operations & Acquisitions
In 2005 Rene began his career in real estate in the financial sector. During this period, Rene also found interest in multifamily.

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