Abiel Ballesteros

Abiel Ballesteros


Abiel, started his real estate career in 2005 as a property appraisal, while simultaneously investing in the residential single-family home sector. After flipping over 200 single family homes and a decade of residential sales, he transitioned into multifamily investments and syndication. With his diverse experience in rehabilitation of properties and asset management, Abiel has raised over $180,000,000 since opening Concession Management, a real estate investments and syndication in 2012. Abiel also founded United Dream Real Estate in 2014, in which he acts as an active broker and oversees a team of real estate agents. United Dream has over $150 million in sales since its opening.

Today, Abiel controls $180,000,000 in real estate asset and a real estate portfolio of over 1691 units and properties. He continues to actively invest and syndicate, specializing in value-add real estate, with a skill for obtaining maximum value for every asset acquired. His main focus in capital preservation while determined to return strong, risk adjusted cash on cash to investors.

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