Rene Sanchez

Rene Sanchez


In 2005 Rene began his career in real estate in the financial sector. During this period, Rene also found interest in multifamily. With his first joint ventures and his methodical study of the markets, Rene purchased several distressed apartment buildings that he successfully stabilized and sold.



Rene expanded into the Georgia Market in 2012 acquiring over 1700 units, successfully exiting with returns of over 40%. He later founded Blue Door Real Estate Group, a company specializing in acquiring, stabilizing and selling distressed multifamily, with a focus in class- c apartment buildings nationwide.


In the last 15 years, Rene has acquired, stabilized and sold over 3000 units with multiple partners. Rene and his partners currently hold and manage over 700 units.

Blue Door attributes its success in acquiring Class-C apartment units to their focus on market research, product knowledge, construction experience gained through the years and great partnerships.

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