145% IRR To Investors? We Made It Happen!

SAR Apartment Capital is excited to present our third successful exit with the full sale of the Berkley Lakes community in Orlando, FL. The property was originally a timeshare hotel consisting of 102 townhomes.

SOLD: 40-Unit Complex For US$ 4,450.000.00

SAR Apartment Capital is announcing today the final sale of The Palazzo Townhomes, a 40-unit residential complex located in Jacksonville, Florida, for the sum of US$ 4,450.000.

84 Units Acquisition by Miami real estate SAR Apartment Capital LLC

SAR Apartment has acquired a 4million dollar 84 units multi-family complex in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a 1970’s property with huge potential, located in a upcoming area just in front of a mall where it will see big demand and we can increase rents by 40% through updated units.


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