434 Units Acquisition by Miami real estate SAR Apartment Capital LLC

Miami real estate investment firm SAR Apartment Capital LLC acquired a distressed 434 units in Atlanta, Georgia for $20,200,000 at $46,500 a door. Property is divided into two different assets; Brentwood Creek with 238 units and Brentwood Heights 196 units .

519 Units Acquisition by Miami Real Estate SAR Apartment Capital LLC

The founders of SAR Apartment Capital, Sam Jazayri, Abiel Ballesteros and Rene Sanchez, sold 519 units in Decatur, GA for $29,900,000. The firm invested $10,000,000 to renovate the interior and exterior of the property, as the property was originally purchased distressed with an 80% vacancy for $3,100,000 in 2013.

SAR Apartment Capital Acquires 194 units in Columbus, Ohio for $8.3M

Ballesteros, Jazayri, and Sanchez searched throughout the Midwest market for class C apartments that would have a high return and purchased Forest Creek and Sharon Wood.