SOLD: 40-Unit Complex For US$ 4,450.000.00

February 8th, 2022

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Abiel Ballesteros
VP, SAR Apartment Capital

Just Closed! 40 units SOLD for US 4,450.000 In the Jacksonville, FL area.

The successful Palazzo Townhomes sale yielded an IRR of 27.29 % to our group of investors

Miami, Fl –  

SAR Apartment Capital is announcing today the final sale of The Palazzo Townhomes, a 40-unit residential complex located in Jacksonville, Florida, for the sum of US$ 4,450.000.

The holding period for this asset was 519 days. We acquired the property during the summer of 2020, a period deeply affected by the COVID-19 and the lockdown crisis, and its subsequent slow down of transaction activity.

The inflationary trend of the economy in the past months provided us with a high market valuation. The property had been originally purchased for US$ 2,810.000, which yielded an IRR of 29.27 %.

With this new transaction, SAR Apartment Capital and its partners deliver again on its promise to source, acquire and manage multi-family assets with high ROI potential for its investors.

This transaction was possible thanks to the efforts of Steven McAdoo, managing director of Seven Bridges Realty Group, to whom we are extremely grateful.


Abiel Ballesteros                                                     
VP, SAR Apartment Capital       

SAR Apartment Capital is a Miami-based real estate investment and asset management firm specializing in multifamily apartment syndication, with over US $ $145 million in assets under management.



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