Approach to Investing

SAR Apartment Capital investment strategy leverages extensive access to information and coveted relationships for exclusive deal flow access. Our team of professionals have decades of experience in the industry that allows us to identify attractive opportunities. We utilize a disciplined and systematic approach to evaluate and execute investments across multiple asset classes, including residential, and multi-family.

Our investment strategy is designed to generate superior returns by capitalizing on market inefficiencies, actively managing our portfolio, and leveraging our relationships within the industry. We focus on identifying value-add opportunities and repositioning assets to capitalize on market trends. Additionally, we seek to maximize returns through strategic partnerships and joint ventures, as well as capital structure optimization.


1. Market Intelligence and evaluation

Extensive access to information and coveted relationships for exclusive deal flow access

2. Exceptional Sourcing and structuring

Expertise in equity, debt and complex transactions

3. Analysis and Due Diligence

Strict focus on downside protection, conservative analysis, and value-add potential

4. Acquisition

Efficient and timey execurtion with emphasis on return yield

5. Risk Management

Strategic and tactical risk mitigation and diversification

6. Value Enhancement

Aggresive and disciplined asset manangement with owner-fiduciary perspective

7. Disposition and Refinancing

Seek to maximize proceeds through tactical and tiey exits

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